After taking this training, you will be able to:

  • Explain the significance to baseline your C-Suite in developing the functional ownership of an SPE

  • Describe the value of a C-Suite Self-Assessment Framework

  • List the steps to use the C-Suite Self-Assessment Framework

Here's what's inside...

  • 01


    • Baselining Your ScaleUp Executive Team

  • 02


    • Infographic - Baselining Your ScaleUp Executive Team

    • Assessing the Need of a Strategic Product Executive within a ScaleUp Company: Download and Save Your Work

    • ScaleUp Edge C-Suite Self Assessment Rubric

    • Huddle Guide

  • 03


    • Virtual Instructor Led Live Meetup

Baselining Your ScaleUp Executive Team

Stand Alone Training

Meet Kevin

Live Meet Up Virtual Instructor

Kevin is a growth-oriented product development and operational leader who creates and implements strategic product direction. His initiatives are based in customer-led data, market trends, and data-driven decision making to ensure success in a growing industry.

He is well-versed in communication on all skill levels, and works to create a cohesive team culture with an eye to scalability, knowledge-sharing, and continuous improvement. Empowered employees are confident risk-takers, and collaborative development is the name of the game in product-led growth.

Kevin Broom

Chief Product Officer and Business Advisor