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Is Your Company Prepared For Investment Capital?

ScaleUp Edge Academy is for StartUp Founders and Executives looking to take their business through the rapid growth, scaling phase and also for Executives not only looking to make their next career move into C-Suite, but also making the move a success.

Only 1.07% of startups successfully scale, let's make sure you're one of them.

Which Track Is Right For You?

What Happens After Product Market Fit?

Though your business may have product-market fit, and is profitable, capital alone is not enough to help companies scale successfully. Companies that are looking to scale, or a ScaleUp company, tend to fail due to a lack of expertise on how to systematically grow at speed. Once your company has product-market fit, taking steps to scaling your company must be intentional. When done well your actions will quickly move your business forward in a way that appeals to your board, potential investors, and new hires.

How Can I Become An Influencer In My Industry?

As your business grows, having time to reach new target audiences will become a challenge. A great way to expand your reach is by becoming an industry influencer. Using the ScaleUp Edge platform, business leaders have access to market-proven lessons showing how to become an industry influencer.

How Can I Best Prepare To Join The C-Suite?

Breaking the barrier to join the C-Suite can seem like a daunting move. The ScaleUp Edge platform can provide you the tools and guidance you need to move into this role. There are many roles within scaleup that go unfilled. There is incredible potential for strong and diverse business leaders to move into this level.

Who Should I Hire Next?

Alignment with your current C-Suite hiring needs with your company strategy is critical. Start with identifying your existing C-Suite team level of expertise and what gaps and risk are you willing to take. Understanding these gaps from a data perspective is important and key in scaling your C-Suite team. Ensuring you minimize your risks can increase your odds of successfully achieving rapid growth.

Is My ScaleUp Ready For An Investment?

Getting investment into your business is absolutely critical for rapid growth and scaling, but attempting to get investment before your business is ready can be damaging to the funding process as you may burn bridges.

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