Goals & Benefits

By completing the program, you will gain comprehensive insights into AI's efficiency-boosting applications, ethics, trends, and business optimization, positioning yourself to harness AI for business expansion, data-centric culture, and successful project deployment.

  • Through early access to new features and apps in the AI App Testing Zone, you will conduct risk-free real-time testing of AI applications and tools in practical scenarios.

  • Benefit from monthly virtual meetings with AI experts, connect with like-minded professionals, and stay informed about the latest AI trends, applications, and strategies.

  • Innovation Playground for Strategic Experimentation: Release your creative potential and foster innovation through the design, enhancement, and testing of AI-powered business strategies within a dedicated area.

What's included...

  • Monthly Virtual Meetings With Subject Matter Experts

  • Monthly eLearning Workshops

  • Early Access to new features and apps with the ability to try them out with no risks

At the end of the program, you will also receive a Digital Badge and Certification

    1. Discovering AI: Going from Novice to Expert in Machine Learning

    2. AI Ethics Workshop

    3. AI Trends Workshop

    4. AI Playbook Workshop

    5. AI Success Stories Workshop

    6. AI Business Optimization Workshop

Check it out!

  • $7,200.00
  • Monthly Workshops
  • PDFs and Other Resources
  • Digital Badge & Certification

AI 6-Month Mastery Certification