Purpose & Objectives

To understand that learning how to translate product 'jargon' into financial terminology will help drive stakeholder alignment and success for the organization.

  • Explain the significance of financial acumen for the success of your role

  • Define an outline to communicate with your stakeholders in financial language

  • Learn the different types of financial documents, how they impact one another and the overall success of a ScaleUp company

  • Be able to define the importance of key financial schedules

  • Understand how key financials interact with one another within a SaaS company

Here's what's inside...

    1. Purpose and Objectives

    2. Understanding Critical Financial Statements

    3. From Product Speak to Financial Speak — Download And Save Your Work

    4. Perfecting Your Finance Speak

    5. Time to Reflect Part 1 — Download and Save Your Work

    6. Time to Reflect Part 2 — Download and Save Your Work

    7. Breadth of a ScaleUp Executive Role

    8. Valuation Triggers

    9. From Product Speak To Finance Speak Summary

    1. Articles & Guides

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  • 20 Minute Multimedia Lesson
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Targeted Resources

From Product Speak To Finance Speak

Stand Alone Training