After taking this training, you will be able to:

  • Explain the significance of financial acumen for the success of your role

  • Create an outline to communicate with your stakeholders in financial language

  • Recognize the importance of key financial schedules

  • Understand how key financials interact with one another

Here's what's inside...

  • 01


    • Product Speak to Finance Speak

  • 02


    • Time to Reflect 1: Download And Save Your Work

    • Time to Reflect 2: Download And Save Your Work

  • 03

    Part 1: Learn with Kevin Broom and Shelley Perry

    • The Breadth Of A ScaleUp CPO; The Multiple ScaleUp Financial Archetypes (9:02)

    • Speaking To Stakeholders Across The Ecosystem; Resources To Consider To Help You (6:20)

    • The ScaleUp Playbook (28:42)

    • Two Case Studies of ScaleUp Companies In Early And Mid Stage; Beginning Of Financial Schedules And The Income Statement (33:37)

    • The Balance Sheet And Cash Flow: Life of the Organization Schedule (8:38)

    • Why It’s Important To Have Effective Communication With Stakeholders; Definition And Overview of Financial Schedules (16:15)

  • 04

    Part 2: Learn with Shelley Perry and Kevin Broom

    • Recap of Part 1 And Setting The Scene For A Deep Dive Into Financial Schedules (16:15)

    • Financial Schedules: The Cap Table & 409A (17:34)

    • Financial Schedules: Debt Instruments (33:00)

    • A Deep Dive Into Two Case Studies Of Companies In Early To Mid-Stage ScaleUp (16:27)

    • Evaluating The Financials Of the ScaleUp Companies (34:30)

    • Wrapping It Up: What Does All This Mean To Your Product Strategy (28:04)

  • 05


    • Infographic - Understanding Critical Financial Statements

    • From Product Speak to Financial Speak: Download And Save Your Work

    • Huddle Guide

  • 06


    • Virtual Instructor Led Live Meetup (Video)

Finance Speak

Stand Alone Training

Meet Shelley and Kevin

Shelley is an investor, board director, and advisor who specializes in the uniqueness of the SaaS ScaleUp Stage. As a former Software/ SaaS Operator turned Investor, she specializes in accelerating growth in the shortest period of time for the least risk resulting in an exponential enterprise value (ev) increase.

Shelley Perry

Managing Director at ScaleLogix Ventures

Meet Shelley and Kevin

Kevin is a growth-oriented product development and operational leader who creates and implements strategic product direction. His initiatives are based in customer-led data, market trends, and data-driven decision making to ensure success in a growing industry.

He is well-versed in communication on all skill levels, and works to create a cohesive team culture with an eye to scalability, knowledge-sharing, and continuous improvement. Empowered employees are confident risk-takers, and collaborative development is the name of the game in product-led growth.

Kevin Broom

Chief Product Officer and Business Advisor