Purpose & Objectives

To understand that learning how to translate product 'jargon' into financial terminology will help drive stakeholder alignment and success for the organization.

  • Explain the significance of financial acumen for the success of your role

  • Define an outline to communicate with your stakeholders in financial language

  • Learn the different types of financial documents, how they impact one another and the overall success of a ScaleUp company

  • Be able to define the importance of key financial schedules

  • Understand how key financials interact with one another within a SaaS company

Here's what's inside...

    1. Your Invitation To Our Exclusive Community For ScaleUp Leaders

    2. Purpose and Objectives

    3. Understanding Critical Financial Statements

    4. From Product Speak To Finance Speak

    5. Perfecting Your Finance Speak

    6. Time to Reflect Part 1

    7. Time to Reflect Part 2

    8. Perfecting Your Finance Speak — Breadth Of A ScaleUp Executive Role

    9. Valuation Triggers

    10. From Product Speak To Finance Speak Summary

    1. Articles & Guides

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  • 20 Minute Multimedia Lesson
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Targeted Resources

From Product Speak To Finance Speak

Stand Alone Training