Purpose & Objectives

To understand the 'what' and 'why' behind a strategic product leader joining the executive team, and how it will 'unlock' the next level for a SaaS startup/scaleup.

  • Understand the role of a strategic product executive in the success of a ScaleUp

  • Identify the key areas of success for a strategic product executive's role

  • Learn how to leverage a strategic product executive to support the company vision and growth

  • Realize that the value of a strategic product executive goes far beyond product, being cross-functional in nature, and how this position can bridge the gaps across S&M, CS, finance, and strategy

Here's what's inside...

    1. Your Invitation To Our Exclusive Community For ScaleUp Leaders

    2. Purpose and Objectives

    3. Strategic Product Executive — An Overview

    4. Are You Ready for a Strategic Product Executive for Your ScaleUp?

    5. What Is A Strategic Product Executive & Their Value In A ScaleUp?

    6. Scaling a Strategic Product Executive

    1. Articles

    2. Podcasts

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Value of a Strategic Product Executive Within A ScaleUp

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