By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Get started on your journey as an Executive Influencer. Establish your baseline network connections. Show up consistently on social media platforms.

  • Break into the ScaleUp ecosystem. Learn about the strengths of other ScaleUp experts. Find ways to leverage their expertise. Show others that you're a team player.

  • Create original content. Build thought leadership. Build trust amongst your followers by sharing your leadership expertise.

  • Leverage network credits. Reach out to new audiences. Offer your expertise to various third-party platforms. Extend your networks.

  • Expand and maintain inner networking circles. Get help on-demand from your network. Move from pyramid to pinwheel. Do things in continuous flow.

Here's what's inside...

  • 01


  • 02

    Level One - Showing Up

    • Outcomes

    • Establish Your Baseline

  • 03

    Level Two - Team Tryouts

    • Outcomes

    • Break Into the ScaleUp Ecosystem

  • 04

    Level Three - Individual Practice

    • Outcomes

    • Discover Your Unique ScaleUp Knowledge

  • 05

    Level Four - Playing The Game

    • Outcomes

    • Leverage Your Network

  • 06

    Level Five - Championship

    • Outcomes

    • Expand and Maintain Your Network

  • 07


    • Identify Your Theme and Target Persona: Download and Save Your Work

    • Influencer Assistant Hiring Rubric

    • Job Description - Influencer Assistant

    • Time For A Quick Workout: Download And Save Your Work

    • Influencer Assistant Data Sharing Template

    • Social Media Reporting Template

  • 08

    Curated Resources

    • Video: Storytelling for Startups: The Five Stories New Tech Companies Can Tell - Rob Salkowitz

    • Articles

    • Books

    • Podcasts

    • LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn The Ultimate Cheat Sheet A Visual Guide to Achieving Profile Perfection In 7 Steps

ScaleUp Executive Influencer Playbook

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