Purpose & Objectives

To develop an understanding of how a strong vision and strategy supports growth in a ScaleUp and to develop and define the vision and strategy that aligns with the market needs.

  • Learn the unique challenges of SaaS ScaleUp and the importance of C-Suite alignment around vision and strategy

  • Understand the difference between company mission, company vision, and product vision

  • Learn how to create a compelling company and product vision

  • Learn how to define and adjust strategy during ScaleUp using data

  • Understand the type of strategic decisions typically faced during ScaleUp

Here's what's inside...

    1. Your Invitation To Our Exclusive Community For ScaleUp Leaders

    2. Purpose and Objectives

    3. Aligning Product Vision and Strategy

    4. How Vision and Strategy Evolve During ScaleUp

    5. Vision and Strategy in a SaaS ScaleUp

    6. Vision and Strategy in SaaS ScaleUp Extension Activity

    7. Vision And Strategy For A ScaleUp

    1. Product vs Packaging {3:15}

    2. Definition of Product in a SaaS Company {6:03}

    3. Creating A Product Vision {17:18}

    4. Company Vision {6:24}

    5. Company Vision vs Product Vision {3:21}

    6. Communicating Product Strategy {4:40}

    7. Aligning Product & Business Strategy {9:52}

    8. Articles & Books

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  • 1 hour of video content
  • 20 Minute Multimedia Lesson
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Targeted Resources

Vision And Alignment Of A Company Strategy With Product Strategy

Stand Alone Training