Purpose & Objectives

If you are an executive or leader within a ScaleUp company, you will be asked or have been asked to present to your company's board of directors. You will gain information on how to prepare and deliver effectively in a board meeting, learn some key best practices and gain tips for success. This material has been developed by successful ScaleUp executives.

  • Explain the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of the board

  • Gain insights on how to prepare for a board meeting

  • Craft a compelling narrative of the meeting

  • Describe ways to deliver within a board meeting with impact

  • Gain access to tools and guidelines for an effective board meeting

Here's what's inside...

    1. Your Invitation To Our Exclusive Community For ScaleUp Leaders

    2. Purpose and Objectives

    3. Your Seat At The Board Table

    4. Your Seat At The Board Table

    5. Your Seat At The Board Table

    6. ScaleUp Board Meetings: Identifying Your ScaleUp's High Value Drivers

    1. Articles & Checklists

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  • 20 Minute Multimedia Lesson
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Targeted Resources

Your Seat At The Board Table

Stand Alone Training